Welsh Like What The Welsh Talk: Welsh Sayings

You would think that as an English speaker traveling to the UK, you would be going to a country that speaks the same language as you do…but you’d be wrong. The truth is, a lot of the time, you’ll have no idea what the hell they’re saying. But I sure do like those Welsh sayings…

I remember the first time I heard “minging” and “knackered”. I had no idea what those words meant. But now, I use them all the time.

Ralph liked to say: “We give you the country and we give you the language and you messed up the both of them”.

I will never tire of listening to the Brits talk. But it’s when you blend English and Welsh together that it becomes very interesting. Whether it’s the translation of a Welsh word or phrase or the blending of Welsh and English, it becomes Wenglish and can result in some funny Welsh sayings.

Some of these “sayings” might sound familiar to you. A lot of them I remember from when I was growing up in North Carolina and I never imagined that they were Welsh.

Here are some of the words and sayings from “Wenglish”, words that are bastards of the English and Welsh language. Some of the words are “Welshisms”, sayings you only hear in Wales. But all of them are fun to use. Sprinkle them into your conversations as you go through your day and see what happens….

1. Tidy

Used to describe something good or something that gets a thumbs up: “That’s a tidy meal we just had”.

2. Humming/Buzzing/Minging

Something that is disgusting and nasty: “Eww…your feet are minging”.

3. By There

Used when you’re trying to tell someone where something is: “Your keys are over by there”.

4. Now in a Minute

Shortly or presently, but probably longer than you think it’ll be: “I’ll be there now…in a minute”.

5. Wonky

Defective: “My new couch is a bit wonky”.

6. Tawch

An unpleasant taste: “There’s a funny tawch on this cheese”.The Welsh word “tawch” literally means “haze” or “fog”.

7. Grizzle

To complain or moan: “She’s always grizzling about something or other”.

8. Dab

Creature or thing: “Poor dab, she has to put up with a lot with him”.

9. Cawl Cabbage

A terrible mess: “That playroom is like cawl cabbage”.

10. Butty

A friend: “We’ve been butties since we were little.”

11. Frazzle

To the limit: “I’m worn to a frazzle”.

12. Hi-ya, Eye-ah

A local greeting

13. Lump

Big: “He’s a lump of a boy!”

14. Never

Showing complete disbelief: “He got into medical school”, “Never!”

15. Beyond

Extremely: “He’s rude beyond!”

16. Sharpish

Quickly: “I need to go to the toilet sharpish”

17. Right Enough

Definitely right.

18. Quid

A pound sterling

19. Proper

Real meaning definite: “He’s done a proper job with that shed”

20. Dap

Shoes: “Put your daps on”

21. Bosh

A kitchen sink wash-up: “Why don’t you have a quick bosh before you have your dinner?”

22. Under My Feet

In the way: “Those kids have been under my feet all day.”

 23. Tight

In short supply, especially money: “After I paid the rent, I’m a little tight”

24. In his oils

In his element: “When she’s reading, she’s in her oils.”

25. Deep

Difficult to understand: “When I talk to her she’s very deep.”

26. Out the back

In the back garden or at the rear of the house: “She has a nice herb garden out the back.”

27. Heaving

Crowded: “We couldn’t get into the club…it was heaving.”

28. Lie-in/on

Stay in the bed later than usual: “I’m going to have a lie-in tomorrow morning.”

29. Sinking

Longing for: “I was sinking for a cup of tea.”

30. Is it?

Used for interrogating: “Going shopping, is it?”

31. Dribs & Drabs

A little at a time: “That shop only gets dribs and drabs in.”

32. Salty

Expensive: “I wanted to get those clogs but they were too salty.”

33. Like a good ‘un

As well as ever: “He’s been eating like a good ‘un lately.”

34. I could eat him!

The ultimate of fondness: “I could eat him, he’s so sweet!”

35. Now

Doesn’t mean immediately: “I’ll do it now.”

36. Shook rigid

Greatly surprised, shocked: “It shook her rigid when she got fired from her job.”

37. Chopsy

Talking a great deal: “She was real chopsy.” Something that you don’t want to be.

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