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  • woollen blanket, made in wales, welsh, caernarfon pattern

    Welsh Caernarfon Pattern Woollen Blanket

    ‘Afon’ – River. Think lazy days on the river bank, dappled shade, smooth pebbles. The flash of a kingfisher. The hover of a dragonfly. This is encapsulated in the rich, peaceful, and relaxing teal tones of our Afon woollen blanket.

    Our knitted blankets are designed by us in our studio in Wales. ‘Afon’ features a stunning geometric pattern based on the traditional and iconic Caernarfon pattern. This blanket is luxurious and thick, but also super soft and comforting to touch.

    About the maker:
    We design our blanket and textile collection from the Welsh Otter studio just outside Llandeilo in South Wales. To us, heritage is at the core of our designs – but with a modern twist for the contemporary home. We are inspired by vintage Carthen and Welsh tapestry patterns, as well as traditional materials and techniques. We work with woollen mills and artisan makers across Wales and the UK to bring our designs to life. Sustainability is at the core of all our products – biodegradable materials are used and sourced locally where possible, and non-plastic packaging is used to deliver your final product.
    Check out our website or visit us in our Tenby Store in Sergeant’s Lane, near the harbour.

  • welsh cakes, candle, made in wales, welsh

    Welsh Cakes Candle

    Our scented Welsh Cakes candle has undertones of cinnamon and warm butter… the best thing about this Welshcake candle is its zero calories! Saying that… if you do want to munch on some Welshcakes then follow the recipe on the back of the tin.

    Just what you need when you are missing Wales.

  • handmade candle, handmade candles, made in wales, hand poured candle

    Welsh Happy Birthday Handmade Candle

    A beautiful handmade ‘Penblywedd Hapus’ (Happy Birthday in Welsh) candle is perfect for celebrating your special day or to celebrate someone you love,

  • welsh love spoon, love spoon, wedding spoon, hand-carved

    Welsh Wedding Love Spoon

    This is a hand-carved Welsh wedding love spoon made from Welsh red oak in Wales.

  • lino print, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Wren Original Lino Print

    Wren is an original hand-pulled Lino print. The wren is considered the most sacred bird in many cultures, particularly to the Druids. In Irish Gaelic, it’s called the drui-en or Druid bird. The Welsh word dryw means both ‘Druid’ and ‘wren’. The bird symbolized wisdom, divinity, the underworld, healing, and cunning. Around New Year an apprentice Druid would go out by himself into the woods to find hidden wisdom. If he found a wren, it was a sign that he would be blessed with knowledge in the coming year. The wren is a very tiny bird that is hard to spot, although its impressive voice makes up for it (its song is ten times louder than a rooster’s). The wren’s elusiveness is taken as a metaphor for finding the elusive divinity within all things. The Druids also used the wren’s calls for divination. There are many myths that state that the wren was the animal that brought fire to mankind, and several myths that feature a shape-shifting wren.

    In Celtic tradition, the wren symbolizes the old year, while the robin symbolizes the year to come. To ensure that the passage from the old year to the new could take place, it was once common practice on St. Stephen’s Day (26 December) for a group of local boys to hunt and kill a wren. This band of so-called Wren Boys, usually costumed in straw and often masked, would then travel from house to house carrying the wren in a small box or casket (other sources say the wren was tied to a pole and decked with ribbons). They would sing musical laments for the unfortunate bird and plea for food, drink, and money.

  • silver earrings,sterling silver earrings, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Wren Silver Earrings

    A little about the wren – what these silver earrings are based on. There are 83 species of Wren in the Americas, but only one Eurasian Wren this side of the pond, which lives all across Europe. In Britain alone, there are an estimated 7 million wren territories and it is the most widespread bird, but sadly a cold winter often kills up to 25% of the population 🙁.

    I grew up with the story of the Wren becoming king of the birds by outwitting the others. After it was decided that the bird that flew highest would be king, the eagle soared off into the sky not noticing the tiny little wren on its back, once the eagle was tired and could go no higher the wren flew off its back and up just a little bit, becoming the king, using its small size to its advantage!

  • jewellery dish, made in wales, online ceramics

    You Are Amazing Jewellery Dish

    A small ceramic jewellery dish that reminds us that we ARE amazing every day.