Wren Original Lino Print

Wren is an original hand-pulled Lino print. The wren is considered the most sacred bird in many cultures, particularly to the Druids. In Irish Gaelic, it’s called the drui-en or Druid bird. The Welsh word dryw means both ‘Druid’ and ‘wren’. The bird symbolized wisdom, divinity, the underworld, healing, and cunning. Around New Year an apprentice Druid would go out by himself into the woods to find hidden wisdom. If he found a wren, it was a sign that he would be blessed with knowledge in the coming year. The wren is a very tiny bird that is hard to spot, although its impressive voice makes up for it (its song is ten times louder than a rooster’s). The wren’s elusiveness is taken as a metaphor for finding the elusive divinity within all things. The Druids also used the wren’s calls for divination. There are many myths that state that the wren was the animal that brought fire to mankind, and several myths that feature a shape-shifting wren.

In Celtic tradition, the wren symbolizes the old year, while the robin symbolizes the year to come. To ensure that the passage from the old year to the new could take place, it was once common practice on St. Stephen’s Day (26 December) for a group of local boys to hunt and kill a wren. This band of so-called Wren Boys, usually costumed in straw and often masked, would then travel from house to house carrying the wren in a small box or casket (other sources say the wren was tied to a pole and decked with ribbons). They would sing musical laments for the unfortunate bird and plea for food, drink, and money.


‘Wren’ is an original hand-pulled lino print. Each print is signed. The print is available on its own or presented in a 8 x 8 inch professionally cut soft white mount. Image size approx. 3.5 x 3.5 inches. The lino print will be sent to you in appropriate protective packaging to ensure safe delivery. Printed on 150gsm smooth surface acid-free cartridge paper using black Caligo relief ink. ***PLEASE NOTE***This original artwork is individually handprinted (without the aid of a press). As a result, it is likely to contain unique imperfections as is the nature of hand printing.

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