Cosmos Flowers Felted Wool Art

This bright and cheerful piece of felted wool art has been made using the wet-felting method with lots of hand and free machine stitching added. It celebrates the cosmos flowers in my garden which begin to bloom in early summer and despite gales, heavy rain, and a light frost are still going strong and brightening up my day.


To make it I first laid several thin layers of wool fibres down. I then overlapped them to make the colour changes gradual from lemon yellow at the top to darkest green at the bottom . Next came the flowers and I then added various yarns and threads to represent the liveliness of the garden. Everything was wet-felted together. When the felt had dried I added free machine stitching around the flowers to make them pop and more to accentuate the petals. Finally, I smothered the background in hand stitching to represent the feathery leaves of cosmos.