Autumn Leaves Felted Wool Mixed Media Art

This vibrant mixed media art is a celebration of autumn. Falling leaves in orange, gold, red, and brown. Berries and seeds on a breezy autumn day.


The background of this felted wool, mixed media art is made up of fine layers of wool fibre felted together. Purple, pink, and yellow peep out from under the blue. I have also included silk fibres in the felt to give a frosty shimmer. The background felt was then heavily embellished with hand and free machine stitching. I have also couched ribbons to it. Next, I made some needle lace. This has snippets of thread, fabric, and fibres enclosed in free machine stitching and gives the impression of skeleton leaves. These were applied to the background. On top of those are felted leaves. Each one is individually embellished with rich fabrics and further embroidery. Each leaf is different.

mixed media art, felted wool, fiber art, made in wales, etsy handmade