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  • mixed media art, felted wool, fiber art, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Autumn Leaves Felted Wool Mixed Media Art

    This vibrant mixed media art is a celebration of autumn. Falling leaves in orange, gold, red, and brown. Berries and seeds on a breezy autumn day.

  • silver earrings, sterling silver earrings, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Big Dipper Silver Earrings

    These Big Dipper silver earrings are made from recycled sterling silver sheets. All constellation pieces are supplied with an information card outlining the mythology, history, and science of the constellation. All constellations are available as pendants, cufflinks, earrings, and keyrings. 

  • silver necklace, black sheep, sterling silver necklace, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Black Sheep Silver Necklace

    A beautifully hand-crafted black sheep silver necklace. Each style has been given a name to try and make your choice of sheep a little easier. This listing is for Baazil. Everyone has a “Black Sheep” of the family.

  • cariad, love necklace, silver necklace, made in wales, etsy handmade,

    Cariad Silver Love Necklace

    Unique Hand-crafted Cariad Silver Love Necklace. Cariad is a Welsh word meaning love, darling, or sweetheart, and is a term used for loved ones.

  • ceramic art, boho jewelry, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Cat Ceramic Art Pendant

    ‘Sitting Pretty’ is a very original ceramic art jewellery piece. It is for all cat lovers. Give as a gift or keep it for yourself and tell the world how much you love your cat.

  • felted wool, fiber art, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Cosmos Flowers Felted Wool Art

    This bright and cheerful piece of felted wool art has been made using the wet-felting method with lots of hand and free machine stitching added. It celebrates the cosmos flowers in my garden which begin to bloom in early summer and despite gales, heavy rain, and a light frost are still going strong and brightening up my day.

  • cwtch, jewellery dish, handmade, made in wales

    Cwtch Jewellery Dish

    This is a little ceramic art dish with the word ‘Cwtch’ which means ‘Hug’ or ‘Cuddle’ in Welsh; and a little heart imprinted into the clay before it is fired, glazed, and fired again. This is glazed in beautiful red. The glaze used is non-toxic. The plate would only like gentle use and gentle hand washing, no dishwashers!

    A beautiful gift, sure to be cherished.

  • dog, felted wool, mixed media art, fiber art, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Dog Mixed Media Art

    This dog mixed media art shows a cheeky puppy made entirely from fabric and stitch. It is a completely original design and will brighten any dog lover’s day. 

  • flower earrings, boho jewelry. handmade in wales, etsy handmade

    Folksy Flower Earrings

    These colourful, folksy flower earrings will instantly lift your day and make you smile. Perfect as a gift or keep them all for yourself.

  • ceramic earrings, made in wales, handmade

    Handmade Raven Ceramic Earrings

    The Raven and the Moon’ is the name of this design. My drawing of a raven looking out into the starry sky with the full moon as a backdrop decorates these handmade ceramic earrings.

  • brooch, brooch pin, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Handmade Silver Sheep Brooch

    A beautiful hand-crafted Silver sheep brooch. The Sheep brooches are beautifully made here in Wales with solid silver wire and sheet and each one comes with its own solid silver safety pin back. 

  • cwtch, welsh, handmade candle, made in wales

    Handmade Welsh Cwtch Candle

    Hand poured in Wales, using the finest soy wax and quality oils.

    Our CWTCH candle evokes memories of a warm and cosy home, where cwtches are plenty, families gather, and memories are made
    Scented with the rich woody oud, and delicate velvet rose this candle is a luxurious home essential.

  • silver pendant, welsh daffodil, welsh handmade, made in wales, welsh

    Handmade Welsh Daffodil Silver Pendant

    This unique Welsh daffodil silver pendant necklace has been handmade from recycled silver. This has been melted down & reshaped into a beautiful Daffodil, a gem has been placed into the centre & the flower is set onto a rectangular backplate along with its leaves. Two holes have been made into 2 corners & a quality chain attached. The pendant has then been oxidized to give a distinctive look. This is a one-off item. No two will ever be the same. Lovingly made by a Welsh girl living & working in Wales. Comes in a velvet gift box (colour of box may vary from grey or navy) so perfect to give as a gift. This is a new handmade item.

    Postage within UK, EU & US.

  • soap dish, ceramic, handmade, made in wales, welsh

    Hare Soap Dish

    This is an attractive rustic style handmade soap dish. I have made it using stoneware clay which is very durable, and ideal for functional household items. I cut the circle-shaped dish from a slab of clay and then impressed my own stamps into it to create the ‘Starlight Run’ hare design. I then added drainage holes and three little feet. Once dry it was fired twice in the kiln. It has been painted by hand and given a clear glossy glaze finish.

  • reed diffuser, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Hireath Room Reed Diffuser Set

    A set containing the warm and welcoming scent of Hireath in a handmade candle and reed diffuser. Perfect for a home warming gift, or you can make your house smell like home.

  • rose gold, wedding bands, handmade in wales, welsh,

    His and His Rose Gold Wedding Bands

    A stunning pair of solid 18ct rose gold wedding bands both 5mm tall and 1 mm thick which have been decorated with Fern fronds. With 18ct rose gold my making process is a little different to other metals, I will make a silver ring from scratch as normal but will then get that ring cast by an outside company in the 18ct rose gold, I’ve found this gives a cleaner crisper imprint, I only do this for 18ct rose and platinum, all other rings are entirely made by me by hand.

    Ferns are prehistoric plants that over the years have been seen as symbols of luck and protection. An excellent choice for wedding rings.