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  • ceramic art, boho jewelry, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Cat Ceramic Art Pendant

    ‘Sitting Pretty’ is a very original ceramic art jewellery piece. It is for all cat lovers. Give as a gift or keep it for yourself and tell the world how much you love your cat.

  • cwtch, jewellery dish, handmade, made in wales

    Cwtch Jewellery Dish

    This is a little ceramic art dish with the word ‘Cwtch’ which means ‘Hug’ or ‘Cuddle’ in Welsh; and a little heart imprinted into the clay before it is fired, glazed, and fired again. This is glazed in beautiful red. The glaze used is non-toxic. The plate would only like gentle use and gentle hand washing, no dishwashers!

    A beautiful gift, sure to be cherished.

  • ceramic postcard, do not go gentle into that good night

    Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Ceramic Postcard

    This is one of my Dylan Thomas (Welsh poet and playwright) ceramic postcards. This quote is from the title of the poem of the same name. I individually press each letter in the damp clay, along with the little stars, before drying, and then firing the postcard to over 1000*C.

    Once cooled I glazed the lettering black and finish with a clear glaze to give the finished ceramic postcard a glossy shine, which then is fired for a final time. The finished postcard is then fixed with wire and some matching buttons so it can hang on a wall or be propped on a shelf.

    I have permission from Dylan Thomas’ granddaughter to produce and sell these, which is a great honour.

  • soap dish, made in wales, handmade soap

    Hare Soap Dish Gift Set

    This special Hare soap dish gift set is bought to you by Magic Garden Ceramics and Earthbound Organics, both small Welsh businesses.

    I use Earthbound skin products myself and absolutely love them.

    These are presented beautifully in a ribboned, kraft card box, nestled in wood wool, with a Thank you card. A very pretty and unusual gift!

  • ceramic pendant, made in wales, etsy handmade

    Moon Gazing Hare Ceramic Art Pendant

    A handmade ceramic art pendant featuring a magical moon-gazing hare. A perfect piece for reminding you to daydream.

  • ceramic earrings, made in wales, handmade

    Two Magpies Ceramic Earrings

    ‘Two For Joy’ is the name of this design. My drawing of two chatting magpies decorates these unique ceramic earrings.