24 Brilliant Welsh Words That You Can Use Today

Use these 24 superb Welsh words to spice up your conversations with your friends this week. Do it today because you need to be more interesting…

The pronunciation might not be exactly correct, but I think it’s pretty close. I depended on my Welsh husband and friends for the right enunciation which is complicated by what I was able to hear. If I offend anyone, I apologize.

1. Popty Ping

2. Cwtch

3. Iechyed Da

4. Igam Ogam

5. Twpsyn

6. Hiraeth

7. Wedi Blini

8. Pysgod Wibbly Wobbly

9. Teulu

10. Glas Wen

11. Dwi’n Hoffi Coffi

12. Bore Da

13. Amser Panad

14. Blasus

15. Hapus

16. Pen Rwdan

17. Caws

18. Hafan

19. Ych a fi

20. Sbwriel

21. Gwdihw

22. Swmpus

23. Jiw Jiw

24. Mwg Drwg

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